Importance of airway clearance therapy in Bronchiectasis patients, global guidelines, and recommendations during the pandemic.



  • Bronchiectasis disease area
  • Airway clearance therapy
  • Special care during pandemic
  • Global recommendations and practices to manage bronchiectasis



Dr. James Chalmers
Dr. James Chalmers is the British Lung Foundation Chair of Respiratory Research at the University of Dundee and Consultant Respiratory Physician at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

Pamela Vaughn
Pamela Vaughn is a Principal Respiratory Physiotherapist in Greater Glasgow and Clyde. She has a long-standing interest in chronic suppurative lung conditions, initially in cystic fibrosis and in bronchiectasis for the last 20 years.

Paul McCallion
Paul McCallion is an Advanced Physiotherapist in Respiratory Medicine with a specialist interest in bronchiectasis. He has worked 10 years as a physiotherapist in the NHS and leads the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Physiotherapy Bronchiectasis service.



Isabelle LeClerc
Isabelle LeClerc is a Registered Nurse with thirty-five years of nursing experience working at Bruyère Continuing Care in downtown Ottawa, Canada. For the last twenty-two years she has worked in an interdisciplinary academic primary care setting.


Niklas de Maré
Post by Niklas de Maré